Youth Mentorship

Winter Youth Camps

This year, we have three destinations for our annual reading and traveling camp on the Christmas holiday. As Finpolar Kullturikeskus ry, we are happy to share three organizations during the Christmas ...

Our Event of Finnish Book Reading Has Started

  We read Finnish book between 21:00-22-00 on Wednesdays and translate to Turkish on Zoom. Everyone can join. If you want to participate, send an email.  

About Youth Mentorship

Cultural and social activities are carried out to support the integration of the children of our cultural center members. Our activities are carried out by our coordinators in a planned and scheduled ...

28.DERS: Essiivi ve Translatiivi

Merak edenler şu videoya da bakabilirler;


Dil kulakla öğrenilir. Bu kuralları kulağınız ayırt edene kadar öğrendiğimizi söyleyemeyiz. İyi çalışmalar.

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