Welcome to Our Interfaith Relationship and Harmony Workshop!

We will meet at Pitäjänmäki Library on 25.10.23, between 17:00-19:00. Due to limited space, there will be a limited number of participants, and children cannot attend. We are looking forward to your registrations at dialogue4peacefinland@gmail.com 🤗

In the workshop, we will discuss interfaith relationships and harmony. We will start our workshop with a presentation sharing the personal advantages and challenges of such a relationship, based on the experience of a Jewish-Muslim family, as well as their hopes for their daily lives and children.

The workshop sessions will be conducted in English, but Turkish translation will also be provided. Since the workshop will take place in a safe environment, we will maintain respect for each other and our experiences, even if we do not share the same beliefs and ideas ❤️ We also invite you to ask questions and share your comments during the presentation 🤗. We look forward to see you then!

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