Success in Karate Third Place in Finland

Soner Oymak, who came to Finland two years ago from Turkey, managed to come third in the category of veterans at the Finnish Karate Championship. Oymak, who came to Finland in 2019, graduated from Marmara University Sports Academy Karate Coaching Department. He ranks third among universities in Turkey, and ranks first in the surrounding provinces and provinces. Shortly after he came to Finland, he started to work as an assistant coach at Helsinki Seitokai Sports Club. He participated in the Finnish Karete Championship held in Hämeenlinna last week as the athlete of the Seitokai club in the veteran category. Oymak succeeded in three matches and finished third in the championship.

Reminding 14-year-old Buğrahan Akbabaöz, who excited the Finnish people by reaching the championship at the U15 European Taekwondo Championship a while ago, Oymak drew attention to the potential of those who left Turkey recently; “I think these achievements are important in terms of revealing the qualities of people who have recently come from Turkey. Considering the qualifications of people who had to leave Turkey for various reasons, most of them are university graduates and have professions such as teachers, doctors, lawyers. I know they all want to use their talents for Finland. I think that if many people are given the opportunity, they will do very important services to Finland like my brother Buğrahan. Our brother Buğrahan has great potential, and our other children are on the same path. I’m sure we’ll hear about other successes soon.”

Oymak stated that he continues training and, preparing for the Finland Open, which will be held in November, and that his goal is to be a champion.


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