Turkish Folk Music Show Was Held in Loimaa

The Sarıgül family, living in Loima, voluntarily visit the “Loima private caregivers association” once a week. The Sarıgül family, who has been living in Loimaa since August, has two sons.

Stating that they come to this association every week, Murat Sarıgül said, “We want to speak Finnish and improve our language. We come here every week with my wife and chat with retired caregivers. This time, we wanted to come with our children and let the people here listen to Turkish folk music”. Murat Sarıgül, who stated that they had an interest in family music, was accompanied by his children Seçkin and Sertaç.

Loimaan Lehti magazine announced the musical gesture of the family for the association to its readers by making a report.

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