Coffee-Time Lecture with Hämeenkylän Congregation

On November 2, Hämeenkylä Seurakunta (congregation) hosted the members of SKY in the Church at the coffee time-lecture series that they use to organize.  We were asked to present about Turkey and it was continued with more general questions from the congregation members.
We were met with smiling faces and by Pastor Jaakko who initiated this event. Abdullah Dalkılıç offered the presentation and SKY member Munevver and Merve prepared traditional Turkish coffee and lokum for the church community, with the hope of starting good relations. We have tasted the delicious cream cake offered by the congregation.
The program ended with “Tesekkurler” [thanks in Turkish], which congregation members had learned to please us.
Following the end of the program, we talked to Pastor Jaakko about Anatolian Folklore dances. We were both surprised and happy that he had a special interest and knew the figures as much as we did. While the subject was about the dance, we ended the day with Pastor Jaakko and Mehmet’s dance together, sending the message of compassion and harmony in this time of heightened polarization.
Please check out the video of the dance from our social media:
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