Welcome to the Interfaith Panel!

The Spirit of Helping, Sharing and Solidarity, with Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai, Christianity and Islam practitioners.
People with various faiths, worldviews, unique practices, and rituals from around the world have made Finland their home and their differences make them unique.
Uniqueness is our greatest strength and can derive us into finding new solutions of the today’s greatest problems around the world, and by discussing and sharing them together immense solutions can be found.
Having all this in mind and being deeply touched by the situation in Ukraine we thought of organizing this panel and discussing all together! Helping, Sharing and Solidarity as three of the most important fundamentals of living in a global community and as an irreplaceable opportunity to share thoughts with each other of how to always have the compassion and supportive approach in the communities that we live In this spirit, we would like to have this panel discussion, to listen to some such perspectives and learn different religions and cultures respective understandings of the above mentioned topic.
Since the current Coronavirus pandemic’s situation make it still difficult to meet live with each other we thought of having a virtual meeting for a healthy and productive discussion.
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