Celebrating the World Teacher’s Day on October 5th

World teacher’s day October 5

We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to our “world teacher’s day” event.

Also known as International Teachers Day, World Teachers Day is held yearly on October 5. Since its set up in 1994, the day celebrates the marking of the” teaching in Freedom”.

World Teachers’ Day 2022 focuses on the theme, “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,” highlighting the tireless efforts of teachers even during COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Despite all the challenges and changes they help young children to grow and learn, and shape the future of generations – all over the world.

We also would like to celebrate the day of the teachers from Turkey, Ukraine, Afghanistan, etc. who were deprived of their right to teach worldwide.

The event starts at 18.00 with speeches and a short video presentation about world teacher’s day and then continues with a nice music concert from students. Lastly we are going to have dinner together then the event ends at 20.00 o’clock

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