Kuolema Valkoisella Tuolilla

14:00, 15. marraskuuta 2020
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
(Oodin edessä)

Viranomaisilta oli jo saatu kaikki luvat tunnin kestävälle kokoukselle. Kaikkien odotetaan pitävän sosiaalista etäisyyttä ja käyttävän kasvomaskia koronaviruksen vuoksi.



The Death on a White Chair

Tomorrow , we will gather here as volunteers of Together Platform. The reason why we are here is to
demonstrate against the ongoing persecution in Turkey, standing against all such unacceptable violations and shouting out “That’s enough! Stop the cruel persecution.”

Mustafa Kabakcioglu, 44 years old, has been found dead sitting in a white plastic chair where he has been kept alone in a quarantine prison cell. He has written many petitions to be examined at the hospital, however he hasn’t been given proper treatment. He was found dead in his cell on the 29th of August, just 4 months before his release out of prison. Public knew about how he has died and the dire situation of the prison cell where he was being kept only through the photographs publicized by the press after 48 days.

14:00, 15th Nov 2020
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
(In front of Oodi)

All the permissions were already taken from the local authorities for the gathering that will last for one hour. Everyone is expected to hold the social distance and wear a mask due to current condition.

Together Platform


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