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As Together Platform, we are a non-profit social media organization that is run by people whose have different backgrounds and cultures and founded in December 2019, and a group of human right activists and voluntaries growing day by day, consist of academics, teachers, journalists, bureaucrats and labourers who cherish democratic ideals and universal human rights.

We aim;

           – to defend right to life, rule of law, right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, speech and religion, freedom of association as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention of Human Rights without distinction as to race, colour, gender, language, religion or political and any sort of ideology or belief.

– to prevent genocide, a crime against humanity, torture, and ill-treatment, discrimination

– to utilize all human rights mechanisms and systems that can be used to protect and promote the human rights of those whose voices are being silenced in Turkey nowadays and other parts of the world in the future.

About Us

The Finnish Intercultural Community (SKY) was first formed in 2019 by people of immigrant background, with an aim to strengthen interethnic, intercultural, and interfaith relations through dialogue. SKY’s vision is:

1) To enable, encourage, and build the capacity of people of migrant background for active civic participation, and successful adaptation to Finnish society;

2) To facilitate awareness, understanding, and sensitivity among the larger society about migration and minorities. This, we believe, contributes to the idea of a welcoming, inclusive, equal, diverse, peaceful, and sustainable Finland.

About Us

The WeCode Platform is a workgroup of Finland based FinPolar Association. It is created as a voluntary platform by Turkish immigrants with experience and expertise in the field of Information Technologies. Basically, it has adopted the mission of informing immigrants about the IT sector. On the website of the platform you can find the events and articles of the participant authors.

• Software Development

• Web Development

• UI / UX

• Mobile Development

• Data Engineering

• Data Science / Machine Learning

• Educational Technology

• Cybersecurity

The platform also consists of experts in Academic Studies. Informative seminars and basic trainings are held regularly under the name of IT Talks. All of our trainings are conducted online and for free. In addition, the platform has some guidance and mentoring projects for vocational orientation. To be aware of the activities of the WeCode Platform and to participate in these programs, you may join the telegram group and be informed.

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FAN (Finpolar Academic Network ) is a working group (WG) under Finpolar Association ( Although we are a working group established in 2019, the history of the organization we are affiliated with dates back to 2005. However, since there is almost no one from the team that established FinPolar, the continuation of this organization is continued by those who came to Finland after 2016.

The team that established this working group and continues its activities has undertaken this work on a completely voluntary basis. The bulk of the current members studied/worked in Turkish universities with different positions until they were forced to leave their country.

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