Sadeedebiyat Writing Platform at its New Address

The website of the Sadeedebiyat writing platform has been launched. The Sadeedebiyat writing platform, which continues its activities within in  our association’s activities, brings together the works created with the diligent works of its participants to the readers at

What’s on

The website , where essays, stories and poems published also includes book and cinema comments.

As part of the workshops organized by the Sadeedebiyat platform, participants are given reading and watching assignments.

The internet address also includes participant comments on books read and cinema works watched. There is also a comment section where readers of the published works can write their comments. Besides you can  write your comment about the works prepared by the candidates.

After Ahmet Burhan Ataç …

Participants of Sadeedebiyat writing platform had in emotional works, , which conducted a study in memory of eight-year-old Ahmet Burhan Ataç, who in the previous days  passed away while had been cancer treatment.

Works composed in memory of all victims in the person of Ahmet’s can be read at

You can also follow the works of Sadeedebiyat platform from @sadeedebiyat1 instagram account.

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